Health & Safety

We try to do everything possible to ensure the health & safety of our pupils. The premises is checked annually by Ace Fire to ensure all fire extinguishers etc. are in working order and the principle carries out a risk assessment of the premises at regular intervals to ensure all risks of injury are minimised. All teachers have been CRB checked and some are also first aid trained.
To assist us with keeping on top of any health & safety issues we request that pupils/parents inform a staff member immediately if they see anything that may cause a problem. To minimise any risks to health & safety/child protection we ask pupils & parents to observe the following:
Please ensure the security door is closed properly behind you on entering/exiting the building and do not issue the code to anyone not involved with the school
No running anywhere on the premises
Please open the studion doors carefully in case someone in on the other side (especially on the downstairs studio) and avoid changing/loitering in door ways
Do not change/loiter on the stairs or immediately at the top of the stairs
Hang clothing up on the hooks provided to avoid obstacles on the floor & do not leave shoes etc. lying in walk ways
Dance spaces should be left in the changing areas and not taken into the studios
Heel taps should be checked regularly to ensure there are no protruding screws which may damage the floors and cause splintes

In the event of a fire please leave the building via the door into the shoppin precinct, through the downstairs studio

(not down onto the car park). Pupils should assemble under the arch between 'Cash Cut' and the jewellers.