Class Uniform:
Uniform must be worn for classes and pupils (except baby classes) are expected to have basic class uniform within 2 months of joining the school. If a child has joined the school from another school they can continue to wear their old uniform until it has been outgrown, or until they take an examination.
All uniform items are available to purchase via the school. Second-hand items can be offered for sale/purchased via a 'box' system.
Sweatshirts, T-shirts & Jazz Trousers are not to be worn for ballet or Gym classes and should only be worn as warm up items if needed in other subjects. This is not only important to ensure correct dance technique, but also to avoid injuries which may result from undetected incorrect body movement. Jazz trousers may be worn for tap & freestyle classes.

Examination Uniform:
Additional items may be required for those pupils taking Examinations as stipulated by the IDTA/BTDA . Anyone who is wishing to take and has been entered for an examination must ensure they have the correct uniform.

'Outdoor' Uniform:
In order to make it easier for identification purposes, all pupils taking part in shows/outside displays will require 'outdoor' uniform as listed. This is to be worn when arriving at and leaving venues for shows/displays. Class uniform should be worn during rehearsals unless in costume.

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